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First day – Our guide will meet you at Brasília airport and accompany you on the transfer to the hotel or hostel. That same day we will take a tour of the main tourist attractions of the city with lunch break.

We will visit Praça dos Cristais, JK Memorial and Indigenous Peoples Memorial, TV Tower, Esplanade of the Ministries, Cathedral and Three Powers Square, Super Quadra 307/308, Igrejinha, Don Bosco Sanctuary.

Late afternoon and night free. We can suggest some extra rides if the group wants to know more of the city.

Second day – Breakfast at the hotel and departure to Formosa at 06:30. The transfer from Brasilia to Formosa is approximately 1 hour and a half. Arriving in Formosa we will meet the local guide, we will receive the previous instructions on security, progression, communication and conduct of minimum impact. Another 35 minutes drive to start the trek.

In the walk we will enjoy the landscape of the rocky cerrado and riparian forests until arriving at the waterfalls. Contemplation and bath! We will visit the waterfall of the Indaiá, with 15 m of fall and the waterfall Véu de Noiva, with 30 m of waterfall. We will stop for contemplation in lookouts at the headwaters of Alto do Itiquira.

Stop for snack and return.

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Accompany a tour guide, in the Portuguese language, in a daily rate of up to eight hours.

Private transportation with driver, Portuguese language.

Lodging in Brasilia in Hotels / Inns with breakfast included.

Tickets to the attractions included in the schedule.


Unspecified drinks, lunch, lunch and dinner, fees, extra tours and other personal extras.


Give preference to the use of closed pants and shoes, because shorts, shorts and slippers are not accepted in the Cathedral and in the Palaces.

For walks in the cerrado, prefer firm shoes or sneakers that can be wet and that do not slip.

Choose light, long-sleeved clothing to protect yourself from the sun.

Bring your favorite backpack to bring water, a snack and sunscreen. Avoid handbag or handbag bags.

See more tips for your tours. Link to TIPS OF WALKS, publish Tips to have a more comfortable tour.


The service will only be considered confirmed by sending an email or message by the team of Suprema with the voucher with the details of the tour. Introduce him at the beginning of the tour to the guide. Thank you!

Both the order and the availability of the tours are subject to changes and cancellations, without prior notice, due to climatic variations due to the “political climate” according to the flight schedule, the group’s agenda, events in the city, reasons of force majeure or involving the safety of tourists, or to make better use of the program. We suggest the use of clothing and footwear appropriate to the activities that will be developed.


Up to 30 days before arrival: no fee.

From 29 to 26 days before arrival: a fine of 10% of the total amount.

From 25 to 15 days before arrival: 25% fine of the total amount.

From 14 to 11 days before arrival: fine of 50% of the total amount.

From 10 to 06 days before arrival: fine of 80% of the total value.

05 days before or at the show: 100% fine of the full amount.

PAYMENT METHOD: 50% at the time of booking and 50% 15 days before check in.
Bank deposit, card or ticket.
The tours may change without prior notice.

Payment methods

Package: 03 days and 02 nights.
Shared groups from 05 people.
Private groups from 03 people.




Doubts about the tour

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